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Kodi Media Center

KodiOther cheap Android boxes (we've tried many of them) that comes preloaded with barebone Kodi will leave you clueless for hours searching for Addons that actually works. If it does come pre-loaded, that is ILLEGAL! This is what they don't tell you!

Let's face it, most people do not like to waste time having to learn how to install Repositories or Addons even though it's very easy. This is why with our Super Media Box, we use the exclusive Zoomtak Kodi installer that'll turn the barebone Kodi into a Customized Media Center which will allow you to start streaming contents right away. All of the best working Addons for Unlimited Movies, TV Shows and even Kids Cartoons will get loaded. For legal reasons, Kodi comes pre-installed, but NO Addons or Android Apps comes installed. However, we have full EASY Step By Step Picture Tutorials on how to do this for education purpose.


Other important information such as "How To" and "Troubleshooting" will be available, so you never have any issues. The biggest question we get asked is about Addons for Adult contents; more details will be in the member's area. We're not here to judge, so we have limited support for the ones who wants to install these Addons. We also provide Parental Control applications for you to LOCK any Addons you wish to keep out of the reach of minors.


Our Exclusive Zoomtak Media Manager For Addons
Exclusive Zoomtak Kodi Skin
Watch Our Custom Kodi Demo Below

Beyond Kodi

Just when you thought Kodi was the only thing out there... We have tested the best combinations of Apps (safe ones) for the ZM8 Super Media Box to give you even MORE Movies & TV Shows (multiple servers to choose from for streaming!). We test them, you Stream them!

All the other PAID services out there including cable and satellite service does NOT allow for you to find everything you like to watch. With our Super Media Box, you can watch what you want, when you want, without any monthly fees.

You'll be able to enjoy Unlimited Movies and TV Shows while you get the hang of usingGiggles Kodi. This Guarantees you will be able to find everything that you want to watch. The only thing we can't guarantee is that you will NOT turn into a couch potato...

If you know anyone that LOVES to do marathons with TV Shows or Movies, this is the perfect gift for them!

We recommend having internet speeds of 30-50mb+ downstream for best viewing experience (the faster the better!). Our customers that experienced lagging or contents not loading, they upgrade their speed and the problem is gone. The money you save from getting rid of cable or satellite, you can upgrade your internet speed!


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Android App. 1 Android App. 2

Beyond Kodi
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