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Q: Where is my product being shipped from?
A: All shipments will come from America.

Q: Is this legal?
A: Yes! Our Super Media Box is legal due to the fact you are not downloading, but can only stream, and as long as you use it as intended. It's also just an Android device just like any Samsung Smartphones, so obviously those are not illegal. We also do NOT host any contents or give direct links to any of the streams; all Addons and Applications are the properties of the respected 3rd party developers. Even though we have a team that is always making sure the Kodi Addons are working, we're not the developer. Our Super Media Box just makes life a lot easier for you to enjoy all the Movies and TV Shows without much technical skills. What's illegal and dangerous is people downloading movies to their computers while catching viruses and malware from either the file or from the website itself.

Q: How are you able to give away items when others are charging a lot for it?
A: We're just a private foundation and we do everything from a home office with no employees with very low overhead, so it makes it possible for us to give great Freebies away.

Q: If I need help with setup, will you be able to help me?
A: You bet! We offer Remote QuickSupport where we are able to log into your device (with your permission of course) and can help you remedy any issues that you may have. We do offer a very small fee for this and all you need to do is submit a Support Ticket. No one offers support like we do and we hear all the time how the other competitors have left them out to dry with no response back. This is not how we operate, so no need to worry. Customer Support is our primary goal...

Q: Do you accept credit cards?
Yes we do. We will have multiple merchant accounts for back up. We'll be processing Credit Cards Securely through our direct Merchant Account, and as a back up, take Payza as a payment processor. We're business verified through both our merchant accounts. We can even take credit cards over the phone (if needed), just submit a Support Ticket HERE.

Q: Which credit cards do you accept?
We gladly accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club. We also accept Debit cards, Gift and Prepaid cards that are one of the above types.

Q: Is my credit card purchase secure?
A: YES! During checkout using our Merchant Account, 128-Bit TLS Encryption is used for Maximum Data Protection. When you click on "Pay Now With Credit Card", you're actually temporarily off our server and your transaction is completely secured during the checkout process until you're redirected back to our page. Confirmation of you being on a Secure Server is when you see "Powered by stripe" on the lower left corner of your browser. CLICK HERE to see how to verify checkout is secured.
TLS 1.0, AES with 128 bit encryption (High); ECDH_P256 with 256 bit exchange

Q: I made a credit card order, how come I didn't receive the 2 in 1 USB cable?
A: The 2 in 1 USB Cable is a limited run product that is only given to customers who purchase by mail order. This is our way of thanking you (the customer) for being patient having to wait an extra week or so because of the mailing time. We do not offer returns or warranty on the 2 in 1 USB Cable.

Q: I live in the woods, but have super fast internet, can I still use this product?
A: Yes, our Super Media Box can be used anywhere as long as you have internet access. It's also very compact, so you can take it anywhere with you when you travel!

Q: Can I surf the Internet with the Super Media Box?
A: Yes, the Super Media Box is like a little computer, so you won't need to hook up your bulky computer or laptop anymore. It has a built in browser for you to enjoy your favorite websites.

Q: Can I get local TV channels and news where I live?
A: Ever since the FCC ruling, the cable companies have encrypted all of the local news and basic channels that is local to where you live. You can read about it HERE. With our Super Media Box, you are able to get all the national news channel you're familiar with such as ABC News, MSNBC, Fox News Channel, CNBC News and so on. You can even get news from all over the world! When you hear the term "Live TV" used, it does not mean news specifically local to your state where you live. With everything else our Super Media Box can do, this is very minor! Anyone claiming they are able to give you local streams, they are LYING TO YOU. You can easily hook up an HD antenna to pull in the local channels and news which is FREE, so you can still cancel your cable or satellite.

Q: Will this work on more than one TV?
A: No, you will need a Super Media Box for each TV. Contact us for quantity discount, we will work with you.

Q: What type of internet connection do you recommend?
A: For HD Contents of 720p, we recommend at least 30+mbps; 1080p and above to have at least 50mbps speed. However, the faster your internet, the better experience.

Q: Movies or TV Shows I'm watching seems to buffer a lot, what can I do?
A: If you read our DISCLAIMER before purchase, we cannot guarantee any Addons will buffer or work at all because everyone's internet speed will be different and the Addons are from 3rd parties being streamed from servers we have no control over. However, there are tweaks for Kodi that can be applied to fix such buffering issues (in the member's area). Please note that we sell one of the most powerful Android box on the market and the buffering or any related Kodi issues does not reflect the quality or performance of our Super Media Box. Anyone making a claim or guarantees no buffering issues with their products, they are lying to make a sale, but we're being honest up front. If you need help, please submit Support Ticket for remote help.

Q: Does the Super Media Box have built in Wi-Fi?
A: Yes, it has built in dual band Wi-Fi.

Q: Will this work on any TV?
A: We recommend using newer "Smart TVs" or any 4K capable TV for the best picture.

Q: Will I be able to find international contents?
A: Yes, there are many Addons that will allow you to stream movies and LIVE TV from different parts of the world.

Q: Are there any adult contents and a way for me to view in private?
A: Yes, there are adult related Addons and we do give you a way to block the contents from minors.

Q: I read there is a Private Member's Area, how come I don't see a link to it?
A: For security reasons, we don't display the link publicly, but you will receive the login information after your package arrives to you. As stated, this is only for our customers.

Q: Can I share my login information with other people?
A: No, you'll be given a special username and password to the Private Member's Area and all IPs will be tracked for multiple logins and download abuse. A violation of this policy will get you banned and all warranty will be null and void on your devices. This strict policy is to protect our customers and for us to give you the best possible support for the Super Media Box without any unwanted onlookers.

Q: I took my unit apart to modify it and I ruined it, can I still return it?
A; No, any disassembly or manmade hacking to the Super Media Box or accessories voids the warranty.

Q: I referred someone that made a purchase, when will I receive my money?
A: All referral fees are paid out 2 weeks after the qualifying purchase. Should there be a return within 7 days, the referral fee will not be paid out.

Q: Do you offer returns or product warranty?
A; We offer a 180 day warranty and 7 day return policy. Any missing items must be reported to us within one (1) business day. Everyone that gets to experience our Super Media Box falls in love with it immediately and will not give it up for anything. (O:

Q: Do you offer price protection?
A: We do not offer price protection because the price you already pay is a low price that includes the FREE Gifts and Shipping. We may at times lower the price of our package temporarily to move stock, so we can speed up the sales to do prize drawings or bring in new inventory. Remember, no competitors out there has a quality product like ours with superb support and they definitely do NOT give you any FREEBIES.
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