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For general questions, use the webform below; if you're a current customer, please use only the ticket system only. We will answer all support tickets within 48 hours and webform within 72 hours.

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Remote Quick Support

Quick Support You no longer have to worry about getting started with Kodi or installing applications. When you need assistance, we can help you just like we're there with you in your living room!
TeamViewer Quick Support comes pre-installed on your ZM8 Super Media box.

NOTICE: This is a very secure connection and we CANNOT connect unless you give us your unique 9 digit number to locate your device; then you need to click ALLOW when we do attempt to connect to help. We want to make sure you know that we can't just spy on you; not possible! You can just shut this app off completely which we recommend when you don't need support.

Please create a support ticket for this service and more details is in the private area of this website.
Remote Quick Support In Action
Quick Support

Support Ticket System

Customer Support We use a Support Ticket System, so we can better track all correspondence with you. If you're a current customer and have questions or issues, please register and create a new ticket.

Click image below to access Support Ticket System.


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