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About Us

NhuTech is a Private Humanitarian & Technology Foundation; we're a Wife andJasmin & Ninja Husband team with our two Yorkies, Jasmin and Ninja. Our mission is to bring the best money saving products and technology to the world.

We do everything in house (website and daily operations) to keep cost down as much as possible to enable us to pass the savings on to our wonderful customers. We believe in giving more value than anyone else; sometimes, it's not all about big profits, but creating big smiles!

ZM8 Super Media Box is a product of NhuTech Foundation. We saw a great opportunity to help people save a ton of money on their cable or satellite bill, so it was a no brainer that we wanted to offer such a revolutionary product.

Our main mission with our private foundation is to eventually create a network of philanthropists from all around the world doing good for others. As you can see, things are not getting any better, but worst by the day with people losing their homes to banking fraud, children waking up with no food and etc.

It is crucial that we do our part to make things better for the future generations. One of our favorite quote is, "We don't own this planet, we're borrowing it from our children". With your purchase and or donations, you will help us achieve this goal, and for us to continue to bring you amazing deals like we are now.

We're not big headed or anything, but just a couple of down to earth people who wants to give back, so don't be afraid to contact us for any reason.

Thank You!We appreciate each and everyone of you!

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